About Us

Fenn Real Estate Tamworth P/L was created from 30  years of real estate experience.

Having spent several years developing a business plan, in 2015 we made the move to open and operate our own real estate agency. The decision to operate as an independent agency without the ‘parent’ company was an easy one to consider. We can see the growing number of independent real estate offices across NSW which is an excellent   indicator that people are moving away from franchises preferring the more personal service, the one on one business interactions and flexibility that independents can offer.

We strongly believe in the fact by becoming Fenn Real Estate Tamworth P/L our experience, ethics and values enables us to build a real estate agency that people can wholeheartedly trust. Whilst the challenges were before us in 2015 we’ve proven that quality of service is important to clients, and rightly so.

The power of being an independent real estate office IS the freedom to be different unlike branded offices.

We will always give the best value for money in Property Management Services along with a very competitive Residential Sales solution.

For homeowners or investors thinking of selling – we take pride in providing honest Market Appraisals – we have policies in place to ensure our clients sell their property with confidence & knowledge making them better prepared giving better results – take a look at our testimonials – they speak for themselves.

For Property Investors – Managing a rental is no longer just a matter of collecting rent. Our valued clients know it is about a comprehensive management service which needs to be provided by a professional – to give YOU the client confidence in the knowledge that we know our business and that we are working for you, thus allowing you to concentrate on other commitments in your life.

We pride ourselves on becoming Residential Property Management & Sales Specialists for the Tamworth – New England area. This whole business is built on my INTEGRITY – VALUES – ETHICS and more importantly, my NAME.

Call us today – (02) 67 655 843    For us its

QUALITY over quantity